Welcome To Mobile Leak Detection


This entity was born during the time when the Principal (Stanley Macherechedze) was given an opportunity by the former employer (Smart Leak Detection) to get involved in decision making and running of the business as an Operations Manager and a Senior Leak Detection Technician during the period 2007 till 2011.


Position to date

A decision to venture and run my own business came after an announcement that Smart Leak Detection was going to be on sale, so during the year 2010, myself (Stanley) came up with a decision to buy some of the equipment that I was using there at Smart Leak Detection and move on to start on my own.

I teamed up with my partner Mrs. Zulu.

We registered a company and named it Mobile Leak Detection and Plumbing, hereinafter refers to as MLD (the logo and the colours thereof shall be as they appear on the letterhead and shall remain properties of MLD and as original creativity).

At present we have two (2) field service bakkies that are up and running around Gauteng Province and one bakkie in Mafikeng/North West Province, our aim is to expand and dominate big cities before many plumbers learn and venture into leak detection.

Mission Statement

To render services that is fully satisfying and profitable to all our clients, stake holders and the public at large, using proudly SA Branded Products (SANS/SABS tested and approved) state of the art leakage detection equipment.

Our key strategy is the aggressive pursuit of quality, performance and excellence on workmanship.

Providing a wide and comprehensive range of services:

• Free after service – follow up trips.

• Guarantees on all projects and assignments contracted.

• A 24 Hour Customer Care line.

Vision Statement

Render services and provide professional solutions with pride and reliability.

Get it right the first time.

To grow and foster our commitment in maintaining a leading position against our competitors and dedicating ourselves to the fulfillment of our customers' needs through excellence of workmanship.

The success of our business will be directly influenced by our dedication to continually improve the quality and service in every aspect of our operation.

Recruiting and training personnel with educational short falls and/or disadvantages, irrespective of colour, disabilities, gender or nationality.

Values and Standards

We aim to collaborate in a joint venture with other commercial and social community based structures in fight and eradication of poverty and unemployment.

Encompass a spirit of co-operation, equity, fairness and social responsibility in all of our business dealings.

We work in conjunction with or under strong backup systems from industry organization and regulatory bodies such as WISA, IOPSA, PIRB, local councils, insurances etc.

Our main goal is to embark on a larger scope of the market segments, namely “Domestic and Industrial”, manipulating every deal and opportunity throughout all the sectors, as well as doing good jobs to meet our valued customer's three key needs:

• Quotations that are accurate.

• A more professionally injected services delivery.

• Keep our word in regard to staring and completion times and dates.


As a normal and legal entity our goal is to grow and generate profit on every asset employed, however we are open to rate/price negotiations with our long term contact clients.

General Pricing: We charge call out fees and labour on hourly rates (ex VAT). Rates differ according to zonal trips, holidays, day/night periods. Price change and adjustment notices shall be given to contracted or long term clients only.

The call out fee and hourly rate structure validity period: 2010-2012


Pipe Relining with Nu-Flow System

• Advantages of Nu-Flow

• Rehabilitate the inner infrastructure of deteriorated or failing water piping systems.

• Green technology.

• Not labour intensive.

• No debris and dust from breaking down walls and no mess.

• Nu-Flow lining technologies are long-term and affordable.

• Reduces rate of corrosion on pipes.

Water Demand Management

• Study the water trends from the extraction points.

• Monitoring the transportation and the storage of water.

• Water pipe network auditing:

-Data logging

-Network zoning

-Large and small consumer meter audits

-GIS- Infrastructure mapping

-Create a schematic diagram

-Create a water balance table for a zone

Leak Detection

• Mechanical Pressure Testing.

• Gas survey.

• Acoustic leak detection.

• Correlation.

• Pipe/ services tracing e.g radar scanning, direct and induction tracking.

Plumbing Services

• General plumbing maintenance and construction.

• Bathroom designs and renovations.

• Sewer and drainage construction.

• Geyser installations.

• Drain cleaning.

• Sewer, storm or down pipes camera inspections with video recording.



Our daily business operation starts at the Public Admin Clerk's desk:

• Allocation of job cards and programme schedules to team leaders.

• Dispatching of all personnel to set appointments and project assignments on time.

Storeroom Management

• Replenishing and upgrading of stock within all field service bakkies.

• Receiving stock orders from field service crew a day in advance.

• Ensures that no bakkie goes out to work without necessary stock.


• Use mobile phones to our advantage and advancement of our competitiveness.

• Stable communication between all levels of management and employees.

• Make use of SMS's to send jobs and important notices to team members.

HR and General staff control

The Managing Directors ensure:

• Teams arrive on time at work and/or at set job destinations, complete work assignments and meet project deadlines.

• Tracking of issued company assets to employees.

• Ensure that personnel overtime is being monitored and maintained within the budget.

• Ensure that company fleet is maintained, serviced and that all tracker reports are being retrieved daily.


Organizational Structure

Our business management team shall comprise of Top and Middle Management structures led by experienced and qualified personnel.

Operational Experience and Control


Mrs Queen Athakiah Lamulile Zulu

She is a co–founder and a shareholder with (50%) shares, her responsibilities in this entity include:

• Personnel Recruitment.

• Business Administration.

• Marketing.


Stanley Macherechedze:

He is the founder and the Senior Director with a Red Seal Certificate in Plumbing. (Aged 35) at the moment, his main responsibilities in this enterprise are to oversee the following:

• Day–to–day operations and bring business into the company.

• He is also involved in recruiting and training of the plumbing and leak detection personnel.

• He also goes out to field service and perform Leak detection, plumbing and Nu-Flow.


Tafadzwa Lloyd Macherechedze:

His functions include general management, procurement, safety supervision and he specialises in commercial leakage detection and water demand management.

He has a Skilled Workers' Certificate in Plumbing and Drain laying (aged 22).


We are not at a position to have a permanent accounting officer, but we make use of the services of a virtual or outsourced Professional Bookkeeper.

Skills and Technical Abilities

according to specifications and industry standards and to the satisfaction of our clients.

1. Effective communication skills.

2. Customer Care Service.

3. Computer Skills and other industry related skills.


We operate within the private sector and 70% of our clientele is on leak detection and plumbing maintenance. The 30% that's left is on public services, building and civil construction.


Our Company is 100% Black – Owned and have a B-BEE level three (3) status.



Our regular plumbing suppliers are:

• Suncol Plumbing Merchants – situated at corner Tom Jones and Bedford Avenue BENONI

• Builders Ware House (Nation Wide).

• Plumb Link Merchants (Isando/Brakpan).

• Hydrogen-Nitrogen gas is outsourced from Weld–Cut (Air Liquid's agent) situated in Jet

Park Industrial area/Boksburg.


We use the financial accounting services of Other Strategic Partners.

On account of the equipment we are using SA Leak Detection Distributors as a source of getting our equipment, they're situated in Benoni.

NM Plumbing, Trafalgar Plumbing and National Leak Detection are our strategic partners. We do jobs that they do not have the capacity and equipment to do and we also give them plumbing jobs around the areas that we cannot reach within very short space of time or at other times when we are engaged with a lot of jobs.


We render free maintenance services to Vosloorus Old Age Home/Vosloorus Society for the aged on monthly basis and whenever they need our services.

CLIENT LIST – Projects Track Record (Also see our Evidence Portfolio starting from page 9)

• Organization/Company:

Isiphethu Consulting Engineers.

• Project(s) Undertaken:

Sub contacted to perform leakage detection, for Lephalale Town Council.

• Contact Person(s):

Mr. T Molefe (MD)

Telephone Numbers:

+27(11)/083 960 9950

E-mail Address:



• Organization/Company:

Vosloorus Old – Age Home

• Project(s) Undertaken:

Leakage Detection and plumbing repairs.

• Contact Person(s):

George Ramashala

Telephone Numbers:

+27(11) 906 3603/082 505 6992

E-mail Address:


• Organization/Company:

Virgin Active Group.

• Project(s) Undertaken:

Leak Detections and service pipe location.

• Contact Person(s):

Mark Metelerkamp (NM Plumbing) Managing Director

Telephone Numbers:

+27 (11) 450 2593

E-mail Address:



• Organization/Company:

Epitome Consulting Engineers.

• Project(s) Undertaken:

Leak Detection and Plumbing.

• Contact Person(s):

Clement /or Mpho (General Manager)

Telephone Numbers:

(011) 391 5049

E-mail Address:

clement@epitomize.co.za / mpho.mokoenene@gmail.com