Swimming Pool Leak Detection

What is swimming pool leak detection?

At Mobile Leak Detection, our team is fully qualified to offer non-destructive leak detection for your swimming pool. This service avoids the necessity of carrying out a large-scale excavation, considerably reducing costs and cutting down the time required to detect the leak.

The main signs of a leaking swimming pool are:

  • excess water consumption (i.e. you have to top your pool up more than once a week)
  • excess c...
5 Signs Your Home Might Have a Hidden Water Leak

5 Signs Your Home Might Have a Hidden Water Leak

It's a frightening thought, but you could have a leak in your plumbing and not realize it. If the leak is just a tiny hole, water can leak out all day long and gradually increase your water bill so it isn't as noticeable as a sudden sky-high bill due to a line rupture. Although the leak may be small when water pours between your walls or under the floor every day it can do a lot of damage. Besides keeping an eye on you...