Mobile Leak Detedtion Techniques

Thermal imaging for scanning wall and floor leaks

We are qualified and certified Infrared Thermographers and were also the first to use Infrared Scanning for water leaks in South Africa. With this technology, virtually nothing escapes us. Infrared photography highlights the warmer and the colder surface areas. We use thermal imaging technology to establish the source of many problems and in applications where a difference in heat will give an accurate indication to a potential water leak source.

Ground Microphone

The pen amplifies the noises of the water running through the pipe and escaping from the pipe. This enables us to determine if you have a leak as well as the possible size of the leak and it also enables us to narrow our search to a particular area as this saves a lot of time.

Gas Detector

We use the Gas injection Method. We inject gas which is a harmless gas mixture of 5% hydrogen and 95% nitrogen into the water pipe and the gas pushes the water back to the hole in the pipe where the gas exits the pipe. The gas comes to the surface and we track the hydrogen with the Sewerin Hydrogen gas detector which is acknowledged to be the best and most accurate hydrogen detector in the world.

Utility Tracker

To avoid damage to utilities and operators during excavations, it is essential to know the precise position of all services before attempting to trace a leak. We use SEWERIN Utilitrac to trace out the exact position of pipes and cables that are unknown due to inaccurate or non-existent network plans.

Ground Penetrating Radar

Ground Penetrating Radar is a machine which scans the ground, it is a multipurpose tool equipped with suitable antennas. It can be used for almost any subsurface utility engineering or locating project by detecting non-metallic or non-conductive utilities such as PVC or other plastics, concrete, terracotta, and more.

GIS Machine

It is a satellite service machine which provides a Google map with the exact coordinates of any reticulation system.