Sun City

The World and it's Resources

The World:

People are unaware of the problems we are experiencing globally because right now in their world everything is going OK. The purpose of our presentation isn't to make you feel guilty but rather we are providing the solution to stamp your foot in the economy to show you are making a difference.

The Solution:

The solution is not to move to another planet or shut down, but rather logging systems. We will explore logging systems throughout the presentation and open your eyes to the future of our resources and our lives.

The future of our resources

As Smart Water Management we know the importance of monitoring your resources and we are the experts.

Our logging and monitoring systems range from:

• Golf courses

• Buildings

• Energy resources

• Security and management

• Electricity

Logging systems

The logging systems are web based and because of this they provide "software as a service" and this is the platform for the logging systems to be an application which runs from machine to machine. All logging systems use the Internet, Global cellular and Satellite networks to provide visibility as well as control of any asset with the greatest benefit of all, ANYWHERE!

The "software as a service" approach means that you are able to have the most accurate maintenance, management and upgrading of all assets which use the logging systems. The logging systems enable you to shift your financial and human resources on the core of your business, showing drastic results in cost reduction, ensuring that you have operational efficiencies and most importantly ensuring that the future of your business is sustainable.

All of this is fair and good but how does it add benefit to you?

Picture this:

Sun City is a very well-known holiday destination for many people. You want reputation, people want value for money. You need people but people need you. The reservations are full, people are pouring in and out. Every person arriving at the hotel is welcomed by name, as they enter their room the floors are warm, the geyser is heated, the necessary lights are on, and once the client leaves to go home, with one click all systems using water and electricity are shut off until the next client books into the room.

The future of technology is here and we are offering this service to you; remote control of all logging systems to add the utmost service to your client. The logging systems have dual SIM/GPRS/EDGE/3G modem built in to provide dual network redundancy.

Remote control of logging systems

With the remote control of logging systems you are able to log onto the loggers and control them to your necessary needs, the logging systems also send out alarms if there is any problem with the system it is logging and you can access the logger and see what the problem is and rectify the problem. All systems can be overridden by you on your computer.

The beauty of all systems running on a network is that you can access all loggers from the comfort of your office and if any problems occur you can dispatch a maintenance team and fix the problem before its effects become drastic.

The logging systems carry the most advanced benefits and advantages and allow you to have full control of your resources reducing your impact on the environment. We hope we have opened your eyes in new ways and means.


Prices quoted do not include VAT unless otherwise stipulated.

Quotations are only valid for 14 days, 50 % deposit payable if quotations is more than R10 000.00

All additional work not quoted for will be charged separately and will be for the clients account.


With acceptance of the quotation the client agree to pay the R1500 admin. Fee if payment is not concluded as per agreement, COD or within 2 working days of invoice date.

No work will commence without an order number or letter of appointment. Where telephonic instruction is given, it will be deemed and official order.

A report can be supplied on receipt of payment.

Non-payment that results in legal action: The client will be responsible for all legal cost, interest, tracing and collection fees. The address given will be accepted as the domicile for the client and all correspondence will be forwarded and delivered to this address. Work and general:

All due care will be taken during testing procedures however Mobile leak detection; the owner, staff and management can't be held responsible for any damage incurred on site.

No guarantee is given other than retesting of pipe work (1hr) which may be carried out if requested within three (3) days and service had been paid in full.

It is understood that the client will supply the information, as location of pipes is of utmost importance. If not supplied pipe locating will be an additional expense if not quoted for.

It is understood that for the services rendered, accuracy is depended on the following:

• Correct knowledge of the length of pipe.

• Correct knowledge of the make or type of pipe.

• Correct knowledge of the layout of the articulation network. (Sprinkler systems, Valves, boreholes, Tanks, Ponds.) Irrigation systems cause delays in detecting leaks.

• Where the information is supplied or estimates is used the service provider cannot be held responsible for miscalculations.


After the leak detection has been done, if other leaks are found, a separate invoice will be issued.

Our technicians are advised to find one leak at a time. Mobile Leak Detection will not be held liable for any damages to any already defective equipment.

All work that is not specified on the Call-Out will be charged for.