History of Mobile Leak Detection

My business venture started in 2010 when i came across Water Detection devices. I found a interest in this and from that interest came the desire to learn more and dive deeper. In late 2010 - early 2011 i found myself starting my own company providing Water Leak Detection and from this point we grew stronger and higher till where we are today 10 years later and with a 12 years experience in the trade and working along three other people we have a combined 20 years experience.

I teamed up with my partner Mrs. Zulu.

We registered a company and named it Mobile Leak Detection and Plumbing, hereinafter refers to as MLD

At present we have six field service bakkies providing services to the Gauteng Province and looking at growing our fleet to expand to bigger Cities and Neighbouring Provinces so we can extend our field and provide a larger service to a larger customer base.

Mission Statement

To render services that is fully satisfying and profitable to all our clients, stake holders and the public at large, using proudly SA Branded Products (SANS/SABS tested and approved) state of the art leakage detection equipment.

Our key strategy is the aggressive pursuit of quality, performance and excellence on workmanship.

Providing a wide and comprehensive range of services:

• Free after service – follow up trips.

• Guarantees on all projects and assignments contracted.

• A 24 Hour Customer Care line.

Vision Statement

Render services and provide professional solutions with pride and reliability.

Get it right the first time.

To grow and foster our commitment in maintaining a leading position against our competitors and dedicating ourselves to the fulfilment of our customers' needs through excellence of workmanship.

The success of our business will be directly influenced by our dedication to continually improve the quality and service in every aspect of our operation.

Recruiting and training personnel with educational short falls and/or disadvantages, irrespective of colour, disabilities, gender or nationality.

Values and Standards

We aim to collaborate in a joint venture with other commercial and social community based structures in fight and eradication of poverty and unemployment.

Encompass a spirit of co-operation, equity, fairness and social responsibility in all of our business dealings.

We work in conjunction with or under strong backup systems from industry organization and regulatory bodies such as WISA, IOPSA, PIRB, local councils, insurances etc.

Our main goal is to embark on a larger scope of the market segments, namely “Domestic and Industrial”, manipulating every deal and opportunity throughout all the sectors, as well as doing good jobs to meet our valued customer's three key needs:

• Quotations that are accurate.

• A more professionally injected services delivery.

• Keep our word in regard to staring and completion times and dates.


Our Company is 100% Black – Owned and have a B-BEE level three (3) status.