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Blocked Drains.

If there’s a un pleasant smell just outside your household, or your sink is taking days to drain, you may be dealing with a congested drain. But don’t worry – nine times out of ten you’ll be able to unblock it yourself and probably won’t need to call anyone out.

But wait! Before you don your overalls and tool belt, though, you need to answer an important question: is the blockage your responsibility? If it’s a private drain within the boundary of your property, it’s your responsibility to maintain and repair it, and you can go ahead.

If it’s an external drain, perhaps a lateral drain that you share with your neighbours that’s blocked, then you may not be on your own with this issue. It could be the responsibility of your water sewerage company – an organisation such as Anglian Water, Yorkshire Water or Severn Trent. Local water partners like these are there to help if you run into issues with your water supply or blocked drains.

Blocked drains: common issues

Let’s talk about the common types of drain blockages outside and inside your home. There are a few factors that can help you work out if the blockage originated within your home or is a bigger problem affecting your shared drains.

First, talk to your neighbours and ask them: “Do you have any issues with water draining at your house?” If they’re not experiencing any trouble, or your inside drain’s blocked but your external drain is fine, then it’s solely your responsibility.

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