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Mobile Leak Detection is a leak detection company situated in boksburg making it central to all of our client. We also drive out if you are not nearby. We travel throughout Johannesburg & Centurion as well as Pretoria. We have plumbers on the move providing you with all plumbing solutions giving you the peace of mind you need.

What is a leak detection system?

A leak detection system monitors the flow of water through a pipe. When unusual behavior is detected, the system shuts off water flow to the entire home by closing a valve inside the leak detector. Leak detection systems are usually installed at the point where water enters the home. This way, no matter what the problem, water flow to all water-using fixtures and appliances can be shut off, protecting your entire
home from catastrophic and costly damage.

Whether it's a clogged toilet flap, a bathtub that has been running too long, or a faucet breaking behind a wall, a leak detection system will instantly detect increased water usage. Leak detection systems are programmable, allowing you to customize shut-off settings based on your home's water usage patterns. They also connect to smartphones via an app and send you alerts when irregular water flow is detected. This allows you to protect your property remotely, whether you're
at work or thousands of miles from home on vacation.

The Wi-Fi connectivity of most leak detection systems gives you the ability to monitor your water usage in real time.

Leak detectors will notify you via an app when there is a leak and stop the flow of water before the small leak becomes a disaster. Although leak detection systems come with smart valves that stop the flow of water as soon as they detect a flood, real-time monitoring provides useful information about your home's water usage. Many leak detectors have live and historical data that can be viewed in the app. With this data you can see when your water usage is
the highest and which appliances or fittings are causing your water usage.

Leak detection systems can also detect when pipes freeze.

When pipes freeze, they are at risk of cracking or bursting (since water expands as it hardens into a solid form). This can lead to expensive repairs to plumbing, not to mention possible flooding when pipes thaw and water flows through a broken pipe. When temperatures in the pipes drop below freezing, leak detection systems shut off the water supply until temperatures rise or the owner assesses the risk and turns the water supply back on.

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