Leak Detection Systems

Three Common Types of Leak Testing Systems

Having reliable leak detection solutions is a critical part of automated assembly machinery. Our talented teams use a mix of standard instruments, engineered test systems, and custom products to help you meet the specific goals of your particular application. Our leak testing machines include advanced designs and test algorithms that offer reliability and repeatability for all our customers (regardless of their industry).

Standard leak testing systems include:

Pressure Decay Leak Testing System:

These systems can detect leaks by pressurizing the test vessel. After, it cuts the air source as a means to isolate pressure that is inside the vessel. Our leak test instruments control the measure of loss of pressure over a designated period. The instruments are known to provide reliable results. The systems are sensitive enough to detect even the smallest of leaks, which is calibrated to volumetric flow.

Tracer Gas Leak Test System:

These systems offer sniff leak testing. The leak testing system can also do nitrogen purge leak testing, hard vacuum helium leak testing, and accumulation tracer gas systems. Tracer gas detection systems are highly sensitive so they provide repeatability and high accuracy. These systems are used to test parts that have extreme leak rate requirements.

Automated Assembly Machinery - Vacuum Decay Leak Testing System:

These devices are similar to pressure decay testing systems. The main difference is that with vacuum decay testing, parts get evacuated rather than pressurized. Vacuum decay testing is also commonly used to test sealed ports that are suspected of having leakage from an external system.

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