5 Benefits of Pipe Relining

Most people know the importance of timely pipe repairs but feel it stressful because they also know how time-consuming and arduous the whole process can be. Traditional repair process extensive digging to access the pipelines. In the process, the landscape suffers a lot of damage, and the property owner incurs a lot of expenses.

As a well-established leader in the adoption of modern trenchless technology, we at Sydney Blocked Drains advice our clients to opt for the pipe relining method. Most of our clients are interested to know about the alternative to the traditional pipe repair process and its benefits.

Here are five benefits of pipe relining:

1. Less Intrusive Than Traditional Pipe Repairs

One of the major benefits of relining pipes is that there is very minimal disturbance to the property. Traditional pipe repair and replacement involve extensive digging which sometimes even extends to your garden, lawns, pathways, etc. Naturally, cleaning and fixing the resultant mess after the job is complete is costly and time-consuming. When you choose the trenchless pipe relining option, you avoid damage to your property besides saving costs.

2. Stems Leaks and Prevents Roots from Intruding the Pipes

Pipe relining seals the pipe entirely, leaving no chance for leaks, or tree roots to intrude the pipe space. The epoxy liner is seamless, stronger, and long-lasting and provides a permanent solution for pipe repairs as it snugly covers the gaps and cracks inside the pipe.

3. Cost-Effective Pipe Repair Solution

Trenchless pipe relining is far more cost-effective than the traditional method of repairing sewer and drainage pipes. The reasons are simple. Since minimal digging is involved, the trenching does not need costly heavy-duty equipment. Since there is less disruption, the costs of cleaning the area and refilling the trenches after the job are lower as well.

4. Reliable and Durable

Pipe relining material is strong, durable and long-lasting. Manufacturers provide a 50-year warranty on the product. Relined pipes have a longer lifespan than pipes fixed via the conventional method, making the investment more rewarding. It is an attractive solution because it frees you from the trouble of replacing/repairing pipes frequently. Once you opt for pipe relining, you can rest assured it will last for a long time.

5. Increases Flow Capacity

Cast iron, clay, or concrete pipes have a rough surface where calcification deposits attach themselves easily. Epoxy liners are free from this problem as they form a smooth surface inside the pipe and eliminate obstructions that affect the flow of water. The smooth surface increases the flow capacity and keeps the pipes clean.

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