When Do Your Need Pipe Relining?

If you're dealing with major sewer line damage beneath your home, residential or commercial property, you've likely spent some time already looking into your options. While conventional, dig-and-replace pipe replacement is an effective solution for root intrusion, pipe warping and other serious problems, there may be a much more affordable solution available - namely, trenchless pipe lining.

The right repair for your property's pipe failure depends on a few factors, such as pipe depth and the extent of the damage. In certain situations, traditional replacements will be the most affordable option. However, in other circumstances, pipe lining could cost thousands of dollars less than dig-and-replace methods.

The Right Circumstances for Pipe Lining

Whether you're dealing with pipe failure on a residential or commercial property, pipe lining “pre-requisites,” so to speak, are much the same. For one, lining is best suited for damaged sewer lines or other pipes located deep underground, well below 3-4 feet from the surface; this also makes lining an affordable solution for municipal sewer damage. Additionally, lining is often less expensive than traditional pipe replacement when pipes run below sidewalks, driveways and other landscaping features, which would cost much to replace.

Pipe lining, in these types of situations, will typically cost anywhere from 20-30% less than conventional pipe replacement, and even more so if extensive landscaping efforts would be required.

How it works?

Step 1

The pipe is tested for leaks.

Step 2

An abrading agent is then air blasted through the pipe to remove

all rust and corrosion products.

Step 3

An epoxy mixture is then blasted through the pipe with

conditioned air to uniformly distribute the epoxy lining throughout

the pipe segment.


• The result is a relined pipe repaired from the inside.

• No damage to structures!

• No chasing walls!

• No digging!

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