Leading Water Pipe Relining Services

At Mobile Leak Detection, our team offers the most advanced way of repairing a pipe or drain from the inside. No digging, no damage, no fuss, with our water pipe relining & our 24-hour customer care services.

Water Pipe relining is clean, fast and permanent

Broken pipe? Tree root infested drain? Backed up sewer? Forget digging them up and replacing. Now, you can reline them, with no mess and without the expense of reinstating landscaping, paving, tiling or retaining walls. With our trenchless pipe repair option.

What Is Pipe Relining?

Water pipe relining is a process where a pipe lining is placed on the inside of an existing pipe to fix any leaks or cracks, and smooth uneven surfaces. It means that we can fix broken pipes without the need to dig up and replace the pipe. This can not only save you time and money usually needed to dig up pipes under various structures etc, but also the hassle of having your home or business disrupted for extensive work.

In many cases, blocked drains are caused by root intrusion, whereby tree roots etc grow into small cracks in pipes to access the moisture. In many cases, a plumber will remove these roots using an eel or water jet. However, as long as the crack remains the roots will continue to grow back. With water pipe relining services, we can repair the cracks with the minimum impact to your property and therefore reduce the chance of future blocked drains.

The water pipe relining solutions that we use all come with an independently tested 50-year design life. The actual pipe lining in many cases will be structurally stronger than the original pipe it is reinforcing.

How it works?

Step 1

The pipe is tested for leaks.

Step 2

An abrading agent is then air blasted through the pipe to remove

all rust and corrosion products.

Step 3

An epoxy mixture is then blasted through the pipe with

conditioned air to uniformly distribute the epoxy lining throughout

the pipe segment.


• The result is a relined pipe repaired from the inside.

• No damage to structures!

• No chasing walls!

• No digging!

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