Water Leaks and why they happen.

Why Choose us for your water leak detections?

My business venture started in 2010 when i came across Water Detection devices. I found a interest in this and from that interest came the desire to learn more and dive deeper. In late 2010 - early 2011 i found myself starting my own company providing Water Leak Detection and from this point we grew stronger and higher till where we are today 10 years later and with a 12 years experience in the trade and working along three other people we have a combined 20 years experience.

Why do water leaks happen?

To be completely honest if you are a property owner then this will at some point or another happen to you. this could be due to bad weather, bad installations or simply just wear and tear. This small inconvenience can also cost you a lot of money at the end of the day if not detected early enough. This is where we come in to help you out before something regretable happens.

Running toilets

If you a have a toilet then that is where we will start as it is one of the most common areas where leaks will begin. This is also luckily one of the most easy to remedy as parts are readily available and easily replaceble with one of our experts.

wear and tear

As we said in our introduction something is bound to go wrong, it is part of the course. The important thing to remember is to fix damaged pipes or tighten any loose ware pressure valves before real damaged is caused. luckily we can help with that.

Leaky fixtures

When you have a faucet that drips every seccond tha could be up to 11 000 liters of wasted water a year. but again with our proffesional help this could be an easily solved problem before those thousands of water is wasted.

Root intrusion

You can have the best practices but when nature strikes it could cause strike hard. We have witnessed this the most with tree roots growing and damages pipelines, this can be a really expensive and destructive problem  to have. trees roots are thirsty and they will look for water even if it securly running through a secure pipe.

Temperature change

With our climate changing at the rate it does in South Africa it makes for a nice hot summer day and a lekker cold winter evening. This could be perfect for you but unfortunatly water pipes like to expand and shrink in these conditions. with rapid cold weather there has been situations where the pipes built up pressure and simply explode. not the cheapest problem to solve and that is why we strongly suggest to get a proffesional to detect this before it happens.


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