Here are 9 signs you need the help of your local plumbing experts.

1. Your Sink is Slow to Drain

When you're taking a shower, does it feel like you're wading in a kiddie pool? Does the water in your kitchen sink fill up to your elbows while you're washing dishes? If so, you may have a drainage issue and something is clogging up your plumbing. Rather than spend time trying to chip away at it and potentially wreck the inside of your pipes in the process, go ahead and call your plumber.

2. Your Water Pressure is Non-Existent

If your water pressure is barely there, there is most likely a small clog in the faucet's aerator. This is preventing water from fully flowing out of it, even when you turn the handle to full capacity. Call your plumber, who can fix the problem quickly and efficiently.

3. You've got a Serious Back-flow Issue

The truth is, once water enters your sink and goes down the drain, it enters into a plumbing system that definitely doesn't smell like a rose garden. So, you don't want any of that liquid coming back up the drain and catching you off guard, especially when its sewer water we're talking about. Though it's icky to deal with, back-flow has a relatively simple root cause. When the water pressure in your home drops for any reason, it can trigger the water to reverse its natural downward flow. Your plumber can close your main water valve down and tackle the problem head-on.

4. Water is Gurgling Up

When your drain is clogged and water gets trapped in the faucet, you'll need the help of a professional. Why? In essence, the gurgling is your draining system looking for air. The harder it has to work, the greater the likelihood of the water spilling out into your home. It's best to cut the water off and call in a plumber before the issue gets any worse.

5. There is No Water Available

There are various reasons why water isn't being delivered to your home. There could be an undiscovered blockage somewhere or even a leak. Most of your plumbing is concealed behind your walls or under your home. A plumber can help find the source of the issue using diagnostic tools and work to quickly correct it.

6. Water Comes Out But Doesn't Get Hot

Most of the time, a failed water heater is the cause when you've lost hot water. Your system may be totally shot or it might just require a little maintenance. Either way, it's best to bring in a plumber as well as an HVAC technician to diagnose the issue and inform you about your next steps. These systems can have electrical and gas components that should be left to a professional to mitigate risk to your body and home.

7. Your Pipes Have Burst

You may not be able to easily find which pipes are affected, but your local plumbers can. They'll be able to see if the pipe burst behind your wall, in your yard nearby or under your property's foundation. This expertise can jumpstart abatement and help save your home from costly and unsightly flooding. Your plumber can even stop a leak before it happens if he or she notices a bulging pipe that's under abnormal pressure.

8. You're Installing New Appliances

If you intend to install major appliances, such as a refrigerator, washing machine, new sink or dishwasher into a space, it's in your best interest to invest in professional plumbing services at this time. The various components are combined into your home's overall plumbing system, including drains and supply lines. To ensure they work effectively, the labour should be left in the hands of trained plumbers who can hook everything up seamlessly.

9. Your Toilet Won't Stop Running

A running toilet signals that something more serious is at play within your plumbing system. If water is constantly filling up in the tank, your water bill will also rise along with it. There is a seal that connects your toilet tank to its bowl. When this seal is damaged in any way, water is allowed to leak in, which signals the tank to keep refilling over and over again. That accounts for the running noise you're hearing from down the hall. Your plumber can remediate this problem and give you the silence and peace of mind you need.

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