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What is pipe lining?

If there is a problem with your pipes, you may think that pipe replacement is the only option. Of course, this is an invasive plumbing procedure that requires digging that can ruin your yard. However, when excessive corrosion, tree root damage and leaks are not major concerns, pipe lining can be a faster and more economical option.

Pipe lining repairs leaking pipes without replacing them.

To re-line a pipe, a professional plumber inserts a custom-designed liner into the drain and inflates it with compressed air. After a few hours the epoxy will mould to the inside surface of the drain leaving it looking like new! Because this trenchless installation technology requires no digging, you save money and the headache of a devastated yard. So, the benefits of pipe liners are many!

Signs that you need a new pipe liner

People like to say "out of sight, out of sight."

this is too often the case. to plumbing.

Since your pipes run underground, there aren't many ways to see for yourself if they need re-lining. But just because you can't see them doesn't mean there isn't a problem. Signs to look out for when your pipe needs maintenance include:

Water stagnation

Poor water quality

A tree in the Proximity of the pipe it could pierce pipe with its roots

Your knowledge of when the pipe was laid

Strange smell in the yard

Gurgling toilet noise

Mud in the bathtub

Clog or rust

If you notice any of these symptoms that can be traced back to your sewer line, you need to call a professional.

Trenchless Technologies

Pipe liner is durable, affordable, versatile and safe for the environment! But what trenchless technologies do we offer?

Side panelling and new installation

Shaft to shaft

Repair of separation points

Pipe rupture

Water Line Replacement

With our many options, we can select the procedure based on your specific plumbing needs. Our methods do not harm the environment or your property and cost you less money than traditional methods of digging a trench to replace the entire pipe.

Advantages of Trenchless Technologies

With the many

we have different types of trenchless technologies to offer, the benefits speak for themselves! Trenchless technologies not only save you time and money, but also the aesthetics and well-being of your lawn and property!

Your lawn, driveway and property are protected


Repair, not replace

Repairs last for decades

Process is environmentally friendly

Any repair can be done with the tools from us will have

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